PRIDE Cupcakes!

Now, why on Earth didn’t I post my Pride cupcakes from June?  Hm.  Might have been because, as happy as I was with my skill at baking and decorating, I had a relationship reaching its final days and part of me knew it.

Anyway. Not bitter. (Anymore.) Not angry. (Anymore.) Just sad.

These were a lot of fun to make, and actually not that difficult.  I used this recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything and other pictures to guide me in the decoration that I wanted.

Photo Jun 19, 1 57 23 PM

5 colors, created by white cake mix and gel food coloring. Such fun! I bagged each color in a ziplock bag and snipped a corner to make less mess as I put the batter in the pans.

Photo Jun 19, 3 18 17 PM

Rainbow cupcakes, out of the oven! They were delicious, too!

Photo Jun 19, 6 18 03 PM

Buttercream Frosting with blue coloring for sky colored frosting, plain white frosting for the clouds (which were HELLA difficult!) and Airheads Extremes candies for the rainbows.

Photo Jun 19, 6 28 41 PM


Photo Jun 19, 6 18 10 PM


“50 Shades of Like a Boss” Red Carpet Tie Dress



Three rounds of applause.

A mild amount of celebrity for the weekend.


And seeing my dress up on the stage?  Seeing these beautiful photos by Terra Luna? Made every needle prick and day with an aching shoulder MORE than worth it!





I feel like I could have made the waist a little higher.  I thought a dropped waist would make her torso longer, but I think it made her look dumpier than she is.  I also still wish I could have figured out a better way to seam the skirt to the bodice.



But overall, I am SO proud.  It is beautiful in these photos, but in person it is even more stunning.

50 Ties by Express.

Three spools of thread.

Design and construction by ME!

Made for and worn by Brat Sheba

Building Something New on Something Solid


So, there’s this pillow.  I purchased it to add to B&S’s new home, so that I could sit comfortably on the floor at their feet.  I wanted it to “fit in” with the black and white motif.  I wanted something of mine, a reminder of me, in their space.

When our relationship ended, even before the official end, I took my pillow.  I was sad about it, but it was incredibly symbolic to me.  I was hurt and sad, and the symbolic act of taking my pillow was intended to mark the time when I was no longer part of their home.  Even before they removed their collar, I was acknowledging that that part of our relationship was over.

The pillow went home with me and immediately into a closet, along with all of my keepsakes from the relationship.  They’re still packed away, but happy circumstances have prompted me to take out the pillow and modify it, just as Herself and I are modifying our relationship into something new.

I decided to add some red trim to the pillow, to match the red accents in Her home.  I found the perfect fabric in a remnant bin, and $2.16 later, I was busily pinning away.



I kind of love pillows…I have a ton of them on my bed.  I love making a nest or a queenly place to recline when I’m feeling recline-y.  So playing with this pillow was a great experience.  After I gutted it, I pinned down my design.  The fabric wasn’t a large piece, maybe 3/8 of a yard, but it was plenty for a design that I didn’t want to dominate, only accent.



I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t get the lines straight and the spaces perfectly even, but overall I’m very pleased with the result!!





The pillow looks fabulous in its old place, tucked away beside Her couch, waiting on me to claim my spot.  I cannibalized an old pillow to add extra stuffing; I’m planning on sitting on that pillow a lot in the future!



Epic Project Underway

I have a little bit over a month to finish a project I’ve been working on for a month or so.  When it’s done?  You can be sure that I’ll be posting it here.  It is EPIC and BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING and it’s A DRESS and I’ve never made anything wearable before, besides an apron that turned out a hot mess.  I’m very excited about this project and it’s kind of taking up all of my creative energy, even though I’ve been collecting potential projects on Pinterest.

*wiggles with excitement*


Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

From one of my favorite cooking blogs, Picky Palate.  Follow the link for the recipe!

I was worried that my attempt would result in the horrible melted cookies with the Oreo lump in the middle that I’ve seen so many pictures of, but, YAY, they didn’t melt!  I think refrigerating the balls before I put them in the oven was key.

They weren’t terribly difficult to assemble, either.   YUM!!

(I’ll add a picture of what it looks like inside once I try one!)


Yummy goodness inside!  The chocolate chip cookie dough is a little dryer than typical recipes, which I’m sure is what keeps it from melting, but that makes the texture a little different when they’re done, too.  Still…very yummy!

Photo Jun 25, 6 26 14 PM


Sock Snowmen



I helped make these for Christmas gifts. They were pretty easy and So Stinkin’ Cute! Here’s the tutorial we used, from Then She Made.

We did a couple of things differently than the tutorial. (see below)


For the matching flower (picture above, far left), I used fusible interfacing to stiffen the sock fabric, which curled when we cut it out.

For the noses, we used orange crafting pipe cleaners.  They just slid right into the fabric.

Photo Dec 08, 4 01 18 PM

No-Sew Project…for Sewing: DIY Pattern Weights

I’m gearing up to sew my first pattern piece.  I’ve had the pattern ready to go for a while, but I’ve been stalling because…it’s intimidating.

However, one big hurdle will be jumped/avoided with my newest sewing tools: pattern weights.  I’ve read a lot about them, and I can totally see how much easier it will be to not have to pin the pattern down; the weights will hold it in place on my table.  I’m hoping that these little guys will give me some motivation to undertake my project.

(By the way?  A set of four pattern weights costs $13.99 at Joann Fabrics.  I paid $3.50 for a box of 25 washers and used ribbon that I’ve had for ages.  Just sayin’.)

I’ll share the tutorial from Our Nesting Ground that I bookmarked for the project, but it’s really quite simple.

Take some large washers, some ribbon, and a hot glue gun:

Photo May 19, 6 33 10 PM

Glue 4 washers together, and then wrap them with your favorite (or available) ribbon.

et voila! Pretty weights!  I only glued the end of the ribbon (I cut it to end on the inside of the weight), but you could glue the beginning, if you’re worried about slippage.

Photo May 19, 7 11 43 PM

These would make a great little last minute gift for a friend who sews or crafts with paper.

Wide Zip Pouch

Today’s project came from Noodlehead: The Open Wide Zippered Pouch.

I…need to practice this bag some more.  This is a hot mess.  I was hoping the fabric would be stiff enough without interfacing, but I was wrong, and putting interfacing on a bag that’s already constructed is…not a great idea.  I also have a hard time getting linings to fit snugly; my linings are always too big.

I did enjoy learning about doing zipper tab and constructing a bag with a wide, solid bottom.  And I love this fabric; the remnant bin at any fabric store is my favorite place to shop.

I won’t be gifting this particular bag, but it’s serviceable and I’ll happily use it for myself.

Photo May 19, 5 07 00 PM



Travel Roll


My project for the day was a small, pocketed travel kit.

Photo May 18, 1 23 18 PM

The tutorial here from Positively Splendid calls it a “Portable First Aid Kit,” and it certainly could be used for such, but it’s really a great little storage item that would hold any number of small items.

It was fun to make and went quite quickly.  I’ll likely be making more of them.

Photo May 18, 1 21 43 PM