So, something I’ve been learning over the last seven or so months is that pin cushions don’t work for me.  I’m not fastidious and deliberate enough to take the time to push each individual pin into a cushion that tends to migrate around my machine.

I realized what I needed was a needle plate or bowl that would keep the needles rounded up for me; while I get frustrated pushing pins into a cushion, neither do I want to pull one out of my foot.  UGH.

I’ve seen a lot of cute tutorials for DIY magnetic pin plates, and honestly, that project might have been easier and cheaper.  But I got it in my head that I wanted something different.

I decided to find a magnetic parts tray and decoupage my choice of fabric to it.  I liked the idea of something truly unique that would be strong enough to handle lots of pins and lots of wear and tear.

I found two in a clearance bin at a hardware outlet store…for cheap–which is why I bought both.

Simple project: Decoupage and sponge brush, magnetic bowl, and a square of fabric.

See that metal blue bar that is clamped under my green work light?  That is going to be attached firmly to my sewing table, creating a solid, fixed base for my pin plate–which makes it STUCK until I DECIDE to move it.  No knocking over or onto the floor for me.  Which, I must add, is a huge benefit of the magnetic parts tray over a DIY version–that sucker ain’t movin’ unless I say so.

Photo May 14, 3 06 56 PM

Lots of layers of decoupage.  Lots.

And this cute little bowl, so cheerful and happy.

Photo May 17, 1 44 32 PM

The before and after versions.  I haven’t decided what fabric I want to use for the second bowl.

Photo May 17, 1 44 10 PM