So, there’s this pillow.  I purchased it to add to B&S’s new home, so that I could sit comfortably on the floor at their feet.  I wanted it to “fit in” with the black and white motif.  I wanted something of mine, a reminder of me, in their space.

When our relationship ended, even before the official end, I took my pillow.  I was sad about it, but it was incredibly symbolic to me.  I was hurt and sad, and the symbolic act of taking my pillow was intended to mark the time when I was no longer part of their home.  Even before they removed their collar, I was acknowledging that that part of our relationship was over.

The pillow went home with me and immediately into a closet, along with all of my keepsakes from the relationship.  They’re still packed away, but happy circumstances have prompted me to take out the pillow and modify it, just as Herself and I are modifying our relationship into something new.

I decided to add some red trim to the pillow, to match the red accents in Her home.  I found the perfect fabric in a remnant bin, and $2.16 later, I was busily pinning away.



I kind of love pillows…I have a ton of them on my bed.  I love making a nest or a queenly place to recline when I’m feeling recline-y.  So playing with this pillow was a great experience.  After I gutted it, I pinned down my design.  The fabric wasn’t a large piece, maybe 3/8 of a yard, but it was plenty for a design that I didn’t want to dominate, only accent.



I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t get the lines straight and the spaces perfectly even, but overall I’m very pleased with the result!!





The pillow looks fabulous in its old place, tucked away beside Her couch, waiting on me to claim my spot.  I cannibalized an old pillow to add extra stuffing; I’m planning on sitting on that pillow a lot in the future!